Brooklyn Decker is Back and Beautiful in a Bikini [36 PHOTOS]

Brooklyn Decker went to the beach and wore a bikini, and somebody took pictures. That pretty much makes our day complete. But there’s actually even more to that amazing story, since this awesome photo shoot also includes Brooklyn running around with a surfboard. We also have Brooklyn looking really hot in a one-piece swimsuit that has trouble staying up around Brooklyn’s delicious double-Deckers. We’re happy to say that is a problem that only happens to one-piece swimsuits.

In other developments, Brooklyn found something interesting in the sand and bent over to pick it up and somebody took a picture of that, too.

Furthermore, we have Brooklyn wading deep into treacherous waters that give us an actual nip-slip. It might very well be the most subtle nip-slip in the history of nip-slippage, but that kind of thing doesn’t get past us. Fortunately, we’ve kept everything SFW in the pics below, because we know that work has to wait whenever Brooklyn Decker hits the beach in a bikini. Our apologies to anyone making a 911 call at the moment.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that December can still be a magical time of the year every time that Brooklyn heads off to a beach to get away from the wintery weather. Every time just feels so damn special–but we’re also willing to mix things up with amazing Brooklyn Decker GIFs, or even some┬áhot pics of before Brooklyn was famous. For now, however, let’s concentrate on enjoying the very famous Brooklyn doing what she does best…

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