Wondering how to fill the Sons of Anarchy-sized hole in your chrome-leather-and-shotgun-to-the-throat entertainment schedule? Well, this Tuesday has Dead in 5 Heartbeats riding in on DVD to ease your pain—with more awesome pain.

Like Sons, Dead in 5 Heartbeats is ferociously engaging saga of motorcycle gang rivalry rife with explosive violence, double-crosses, gut-wrenching twists, and no dearth of blood on the asphalt. Unlike Sons, however, Dead in 5 Heartbeats arises from the bruisings and brutalism of real-life bikers. So, yes, that means less womanly weeping and more brain-caked black boots.

Dead, in fact, is adapted from a 2004 novel by Ralph “Sonny” Barger, founder of the Oakland, California chapter of the Hell’s Angels. (Not to mention the security honcho at the Rolling Stones’ notorious 1969 Altamont concert that ended in a fatal fan knifing.) And now he’s produced a movie. As you’d expect, it hurts.

The plot: Patch Kinkade (Jeff Black) splits from a California motorcycle club called the Infidelz and heads for tranquility in Arizona. Infidelz chapter president Ahab (Robert “Chico” Mora), however, isn’t ready to say goodbye to Patch. In the meantime, original member Angelo Timmons (David Della Rocco) gets pinched by the Feds and wrestles with ratting out the whole horde.

If that sounds like standard biker flick drama, it is—only, in Dead in 5 Heartbeats, everything gets Sonny Bargerized. Pummeling in further authenticity are actual motorcycle club members in supporting roles. That includes numerous real life Hell’s Angels. Repeat viewings of Dead in 5 Heartbeats will smooth your ride’s bumps until those actors-playing-bikers on Sons of Anarchy return next year. Pick up the special edition at the movie’s website. And be cool about it.

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