The church “lock-in” is a rite of passage for countless Christian adolescents. Youthful congregants gather at the local house of worship to spend the night together in a safe and secure atmosphere overseen by responsible elders. Teens get to stay up late, hang out, goof around, flirt, and–within very narrow margins–dare to get a little naughty.

The Lock In, a new Christian-themed found footage horror film from (for real) Holy Moly Pictures imagines what demonic mayhem might crash the party when the expected boundary-pushing dares to incorporate, as one young sinner gushes, “a dirty mag!”

Competently aping genre staples, The Lock In trailer showcases droning music, flickering phone-cam images, and ominous text providing very serious explanations of what we’re watching. There’s also a cute kid going all bug-eyed and hissy as a warning against what hellfire gets unleashed with each gander at a nudie glossy. So where blindness and hairy palm threats once sufficed, now only The Blair Grudge Exorcism can make an impact–which sort of makes The Lock In late to the game across multiple decades.

Camp potential aside, Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind epics could only dream of achieving what appears to be The Lock-In’s bottom-tier Redbox/failed-SyFy-pilot level of shrugging intrigue. And then there’s the nudie angle. Plus, again, it really is a production of Holy Moly Pictures. So we say to watch for The Lock In in January 2014. Somewhere.

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