World’s Best Baked Beans Commercial Is Downright Monstrous [VIDEOS]

What does Haynes Baked Beans mean to you? Yeah, we never heard of it, either. We’re thinking it’s a British brand, judging from how the labeling boasts about “fibre.” Anyway, the important thing is that we feel kind of bad even mentioning Haynes Baked Beans before you check out this video–but we guess that we’re not spoiling some kind of big twist. This is really just a fun short film with monstrous mayhem being performed upon unsuspecting astronauts.

That’s something we know plenty about, courtesy of the Syfy Channel. We’re also pretty sure that this is the baked beans commercial that we would’ve made if somebody had hired us to be a Creative Director when we were eight years old. But there’s a fine line between brilliance and stupidity, and the folks at Haynes Baked Beans have done a great job of crossing it in all kinds of ways.

[UPDATE: We’re saddened to learn that Haynes Baked Beans is, in fact, fictional, and we’re just looking at a fine stealth ad for an effects company. Still glad that we’ve been inspired to make this following point…]

Let’s not neglect American advertising, though. We were thinking just the other day that nobody ever talks about America’s longest-running ad campaign. At least, we’re pretty sure that Bush’s Baked Beans can claim that title. We know that Jay Bush and his dog Duke were filming commercials back in 1993. That’s over 20 years of a company committing to the same ad campaign–which is always impressive.

We don’t want to think about how many Dukes there have been over the years. Anyway, enjoy the monster, but let’s not forget this more intellectual ad campaign–with Duke really speaking to us in this ad…

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