And The State With the Worst Drivers is…

Anyone with a car, an unpaid insurance bill and a pending court summons knows that Americans can drive pretty carelessly without much regard for their fellow drivers. Some states, however, are more careless than others as evidenced by a new study on the states with the worst driving records, according to The Daily Mail. [Image via JJ_The_Jester/Flickr]

Louisiana won the dubious honor thanks to a statistical survey conducted by The website looked at accident and traffic violation statistics gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving and found that Louisiana finished among the highest in categories such as failure to obey traffic laws, rate of tickets issued and careless driving. This is also the second consecutive year that Louisiana has won this dubious honor. Would you expect anything less from a state where the most famous street is named after a liquor?

The other states that rounded out the top five included South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama. So now, in addition to education, obesity and tolerance of substandard country and western music, we can add careless driving to the South’s long list of dubious records.

So how can they fix this to avoid ranking so high next year? The website suggests simply to stop being such a sucky driver. Put down the cell phone when you get behind the wheel. Stop trying to beat the red light and obey the speed limit. And above all else, stop drinking and driving! The website should have also suggested not listening to Blake Shelton, which would not only fix the substandard country music listening problem but also some of its driving problems as well.

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