December 18, 2013: 50 Fit Pics for Trish Stratus’ Birthday [PHOTOS]

Trish Stratus feels like one of the WWE’s most veteran divas, so it’s a little shocking to think that she’s only turning 38 years old. It’s also a little depressing to realize that we don’t have first-hand knowledge of what Trish Stratus feels like–but we can sure imagine. Many guys have as the blonde became one of the WWE’s biggest sex symbols of this century.

In fact, Trish was this century’s first WWE Diva of the Decade. (You probably remember our tribute to the Bella Twins as they won Diva of the Year at the WWE Slammys last week.) The fans didn’t disagree. The curvy Canadian started out as a fitness model, but it would’ve been really difficult for the WWE to miss out on the blonde. She was a genuine fan who was already hosting a radio show about wrestling while a relative unknown. (Wrestling fans, incidentally, will probably want to know about our other photo tributes to Rosa MendesKaitlyn, and Cameron.)

The WWE recruited Trish to debut as a heel in early 2000. The built blonde couldn’t stay villainous for long, though. The fans adored her, and Trish soon had a major role as Vince McMahon’s girlfriend during a storyline where Linda McMahon had been institutionalized. It ended up being a pretty kinky story arc, with a humiliated Trish eventually getting some redemption at 2001’s WrestleMania X-Seven.

Trish then began her long career as a good gal wrestler, and spent three years as the WWE Women’s Champion. Fans knew that her retirement was likely coming when she turned heel again. Her storyline wrapped up with the addition of wrestling babe Mickie James as Trish’s biggest fans–who surprised her heroine with a lesbian kiss under some Christmas mistletoe. That was memorable.

And, of course, we have a pic of that along with the other fit fifty photos of Trish Stratus–who still stays busy as a television personality and fitness figure. Celebrate one of the WWE’s biggest success stories with some hot pics that’ll give your heart a Chick Kick…

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