Original “Tomb Raider” (and Your First Lara Croft) On iTunes [VIDEO]

The game that made “playing with your joystick” a double entendre, even though Ms. Pac-Man was kind of hot, is back. Square Enix, the studio behind the recent reboot of Tomb Raider, has re-released the very first Tomb Raider game on iTunes for iPhones and iPads, according to CNET.

If you grew up as a heterosexual male in the 90s and didn’t know about Lara Croft’s groundbreaking PC adventure, then you either didn’t have a computer or did everything you could to fight the onset of puberty. The game took the simple concept of a jungle venturing relic hunter from classics like Pitfall and gave it the thrills and dangers of an Indiana Jones movie by expanding its universe and creating levels with an enthralling 3D environment. It also didn’t hurt that the game’s protagonist was basically what every prepubescent boy hoped girls would look like when they turned into women.

Let’s face it. That’s why most of the male gamers bought it back in the day. Sure she’s one of the first female protagonists of a video game but she also had a ridiculously large chest, a super skimpy outfit and a body that made you wish you could shake the hand of the inventor of the third-person video game shooter.

We’re not saying that the game’s original programmers were blatantly using sex to sell their game. That would imply that the game wasn’t worth playing. They actually created quite an addictive, third-person shooter that could immerse you in a world of dangerous archaeology and bloodthirsty jungle animals. We’re just saying that sex didn’t hurt the industry, either. Now join us in lovingly looking back at the various incarnations of Lara Croft…


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