Robocop Drunk Driving PSA: Really, Stay Out of Trouble [VIDEO]

Hollywood decided that the old RoboCop wasn’t good enough so they’re about to give us a new one. And we made it one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014–but we were still hoping that the new Robocop wouldn’t just be on traffic detail. Looks like we were wrong. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a new public service announcement that features footage of the new RoboCop in action–and seems to imply that if you do decide to drink and drive during the holidays, RoboCop will arrest you.

This feels like a waste of a robotic cop’s obvious talents. We’re not implying that the police shouldn’t chase down drunk drivers or even devote additional officers to such a danger on our roadways. We’re just saying that a robot cop shouldn’t have to do it. A robot cop should be doing stuff like taking down major drug syndicates, tossing robbers through plate glass windows or throwing gangsters into a vat of mutation juice.

This speaks to what some COED stafffers feared most about the new RoboCop movie. Perhaps the studio has taken a great, dark, conflicted hero from the 80s and softened him up for a new generation of movie goers. He’s no longer a brutal force to be reckoned with on the streets of Detroit. He’s just another cop except he occasionally needs to be plugged in and re-charged every now and then.

Actually, the idea of a gentler and kinder Robocop was even addressed in the original sequel of Robocop 2. Now we have to worry that the new RoboCop movie (set for release in February) features our electric hero using his awesome robotic reflexes to do some counseling, or maybe fill out important paperwork faster than the average law enforcement officer.

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