FXX’s New Star “Chozen” and His First Single: “Murder, Sex” [VIDEO]

The people that created the massive FX hit Archer are taking a decided different turn from spies and espionage. In fact, their newest creation is almost its polar opposite. Their newest series is about a gay, overweight and white hip hop star. The new FX series Chozen doesn’t premiere until January but FX dropped the first of many music videos to come with a catchy ditty called Murder, Sex.

The song is basically a musical mashup of just about every hard-edged musical genre you can think of that’s one gigantic ball of awkward musical awesomeness. It’s got two scoops of hip-hop misogyny, a good bit of horror-pop death glorification and two eyes full of sexual candy, which comes from, well, just about any musical genre you can imagine. It’s just as hilarious as it sounds.

The series is the result of an interesting comedy mashup of the core team from FX’s other cartoon hit Archer and HBO’s Eastbound and Down including its star Danny McBride who serves as an executive producer and one of the show’s core characters Jimmy. The cast also includes a modern who’s who of standup and sketch comedy with Saturday Night Live’s Bobby Moynihan voicing the title character along side Hannibal Buress, Michael Pena and Nick Swardson. They even hired Method Man to bring some credibility to the dozens of songs that are sure to come from the central character’s awkward rise to and fall from hip-hop stardom.

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