These 46 Animals Wearing Sweaters Will Warm Your Heart [PIC DUMP]

These photos of animals wearing sweaters is without a doubt the cutest most gangster story you’ll see all day. You think these animals give a you-know-what that it’s cold outside? Absolutely not. They just throw on their little jumpers and go on about their day getting fed, going to the bathroom, and keeping other poor animals who don’t have sweaters warm.

You’ll probably recognize one or two of these photos from around the web, but we give you our personal guarantee that this is the definitive animal sweater guide.

The key to our success is the fact that we haven’t included any dogs or cats in this post–they’re all animals like rabbits, monkeys, birds, turtles (which I just learned today was an animal), and horses. OK, maybe we included like one photo of a dog and maybe a few of sweatshirts or hats but we couldn’t say no to those guys. They were just too darned cute intimidating.


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