We Can’t Explain This Robert Downey Jr. “Dancing” Video, Can You? [VIDEOS]

If anyone has a reason to dance these days, it’s Robert Frickin’ Downey Jr. The man bounced back from one of the ugliest public breakdowns in recent memory to become a huge box office draw in the Iron Man movies and even earn a Oscar nomination in Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder, which is in and of itself a huge victory since the Academy Awards loves comedies about as much as Andy Dick loves sobriety. Despite all that, however, we still can’t explain why he’s dancing in this video.

A little bit of digging revealed that his disco mirror moves are actually part of a cover shoot for Fortune Magazine that’s all about “the future.” If that doesn’t sound like a valid explanation, then you’re not alone because even Downey admits that he can’t figure out what he’s doing on the cover of a magazine that’s talking about “the future,” either.
Perhaps Fortune chose him because he’s the new face of Tony Stark, the brilliant inventor of Iron Man and other technological marvels. If that’s so, then why not just have him pose as Tony Stark or since someone at Fortune seems to have an unhealthy obsession with dance, have Downey pretend to be Tony Stark dancing in a disco on the cover? In fact, why have a disco dancing theme on a magazine cover celebrating “the future”? Have they never heard of the phrase “deader than disco”? Hell, make him do the Robot dance. At least that mildly futuristic.

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