What’s on Tap This Weekend: Natty Greene’s Red Nose Winter Ale

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is a Top 3 Christmas Special. So in homage to a slightly disfigured Reindeer, this weekend’s brew is one of my favorite winter seasonals. This weekend, Natty Greene’s Red Nose Winter Ale is What’s on Tap!

Brewed in Greensboro, North Carolina, Natty Greene’s Red Nose is similar to an American red ale. What sets Red Nose apart is the roasted malt. On first sip the malt dominates the initial taste but then the spices, ginger, toffee, some citrus, and cinnamon, linger and overtake the malt flavor. Red Nose is a quintessential winter warmer that I look forward to drinking every year. At 6.8%, Red Nose’s alcohol by volume is at the mid to mid-high end for winter warmers; but chances are to tolerate your family you will need all of the ABV you can get!

Tonight I am paring Red Nose with a pork tenderloin; seasoned with garlic and rosemary the pork will compliment the beer’s “winter” spices perfectly. So light up the Yule log, feel the warmth of the fire and brew, put on that tape of Christmas Specials your dad made from 1988, and relive your childhood! Cheers to a great beer and a holiday weekend! Cheers!

Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 6.8%
Hoppy Bitterness (IBUs): 21
SRM: 18
Color: Dark Amber / Brown
Malts: Caramel

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