“Big Ass Spider” VOD Trailer: The Epic Opening Scene [VIDEOS]

Big Ass Spider–which is about exactly what the title suggests–will be available on demand and on DVD on Jan. 7, 2014. That’s nice, even if it looks like  the kind of massive monster movie that can only truly be enjoyed in the darkness of a large screen movie theater.

The film features former Heroes star Greg Grunberg as a Los Angeles exterminator who teams up with a security guard played by Lombardo Boyar to take on the biggest spider that California or any other state or country has ever seen: a six-legged arachnid that’s over 20 stories tall.

When we here at COED first heard about this movie, we knew we’d have to see it first in the theaters. Watching a giant spider tear apart the City of Angels can only be appreciated on a large, majestic movie screen. That opening scene alone featuring Grunberg calmly walk through the chaos surrounding sold us more than even the promise of a giant, city destroying spider or a movie title “Big Ass Spider” ever could.

Unfortunately, we missed our shot. Probably because we got drunk. We can’t remember what happened, but, according to the movie’s website, Big Ass Spider actually got a short amount of screen time in the theaters but it was back in October with just a single, measly midnight movie time. Pretty much any movie with the word “Big Ass” in the title has to be seen in a theater…

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