Elizabeth Ariosto on “Elementary” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Elizabeth Ariosto on Elementary

(10:30 PM EST, CBS)

Tonight’s episode of Elementary is pretty special for having Elizabeth Ariosto–and also for airing later than usual, courtesy of a football game. Actually, this episode called “The Deductionist” is used  to following football. The show originally aired as a special post-Super Bowl game earlier this year. It didn’t actually get around to getting shown until after 11 pm EST, though. So here’s another chance for both the episode and Elizabeth Ariosto. (Interestingly enough, Elementary usually gets See Her Tonight schooled over established MILFs like Callie Thorne and Olivia d’Abo.)

Elizabeth Ariosto knows some things about sports, too. In fact, this talented blonde made the papers a few months ago when Elizabeth claimed she was getting stuck with credit card bills courtesy of her former boyfriend–who was also former New York Yankees pitcher Tanyon Sturtze. That wasn’t too long after Elizabeth turned up at the Tribeca Film Festival with former pro hockey player Bryan Berard.

We don’t know how things turned out with the credit card, but Elizabeth certainly deserves to be known for more than gossip. She sure got our attention after the Super Bowl. We were pretty drunk, too. We haven’t seen nearly enough of Elizabeth since then. Well, except for at the Tribeca Film Festival, and we were scared to talk to her. Bryan Berard looks like he can still toss a guy around on just general principles.

Anyway, we’re sure hoping to see more of Elizabeth in 2014, and happy to have her back in our living rooms tonight. Take a look at these pics to see the gal who’ll definitely be keeping you up after the game…

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