11 “Bad Santas” Caught Red-Handed And Charged With Crimes [PHOTOS]

Santa Claus might be the giving human being who ever lived but he’s still a human being–which means that he suffers from the same urges, foibles, and follies as the rest of mankind. And when alcohol is involved, there’s no telling how low he could sink. [lead image via Shutterstock]

We’re of course referring to people dressed up as Santa Claus because there’s not a chance in Hell that the real Santa could be responsible for some of the crimes he’s been framed for, right? Bank robberies, the groping of elves, fistfights, and public nudity sound awfully different than the gift-giving jolly old St. Nick we’ve grown to love.

Of course, if someone did want to wind up on a Naughty List, having a getaway sled with magical reindeer and the ability to fly from place to place seems like a good start to a life of crime. Read the convictions below and decide for yourself if these were the real Santas or not.


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