All We Want For Christmas Is Their Two Front Teeth [PHOTOS]

The sexiest models of  2013–and other recent years–have all had one really hot thing in common–imperfection! By which we mean the hot trend of gap-toothed gals starring in sexy photo shoots. The trend isn’t really new. Brigitte Bardot became a 1960s sex symbol by flaunting the gap in her teeth. Lauren Hutton took the look from quirky to glamorous back in the ’70s. And you might remember a pop diva named Madonna who managed to make it big in the ’80s without getting braces.

But recently, we’ve really been engulfed with amazing gap-toothed gals. There’s the amazing Kat Dennings, who rocks a bod that just might keep guys from ever noticing her alluring smile. We also saw some scandal as aspiring model Chelsey Hersley dealt with her gap-teethed appeal in public on America’s Next Top Model. Chelsey kept her perfectly imperfect smile, though–probably inspired by the likes of Lindsay Wixson, Jessica HartLily Aldridge, Georgia May Jagger, Lara Stone, Ashley Smith, and Abby Lee Kershaw.

Anna Paquin may be going into the holidays being blue over getting cut from the new X-Men film, but at least she can take comfort in knowing that she’s rocking a very fashionable gap in her teeth. So can Vanessa Paradis, even if her 2013 including longtime partner Johnny Depp running off with Amber Heard.

And we’re happy to see a whole new flock of gap-toothed gals waiting in the wings. Never mind any rumors you may have heard about gals with gaps being particularly wild in bed. We won’t perpetuate myths. Instead, we’ll perpetuate pics that’ll get you thinking plenty of wild thoughts…


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