The Man Who Invented the AK-47 Has Died

The AK-47 is without a doubt the most widely used firearm in the world today. It’s the weapon of choice for just about every militia member and terrorist organization in the world. Ironically it’s one of the favorites of American gun aficionados who enjoy shooting high powered rifles at Osama Bin Laden targets on weekends. [Image via]

It’s the Coca-Cola of guns, except maybe a little bit deadlier. And the man who brought the world one of history’s most used and abused weapons has died, according to The Associated Press.

Engineer Mikhail Kalashnikov passed away in Russia after suffering from severe heart problems that put him in a hospital last month. He was 94-year-old.

Kalashnikov gave the world his famous weapon just at the tail end of World War II. It is noted for its innovative design that can be repaired easily in the field but actually requires little repairs because it didn’t jam up as easily as other weapons. The surprising part is just how cheap they have become in Kalashnikov’s time. The Washington Post noted that they are sold in some countries “for less than the cost of a live chicken.”

Of course, being the inventor of such a device must have been a dubious honor for its inventor. Even though he never blamed himself for the fact that his gun fell into the wrong hands so many times due to politicians’ inability to control weapons trafficking, it did disappoint him that it became the weapon of choice for so many groups that wished to spread so much terror. It must feel like being the guy who brought Justin Bieber into the limelight, only with slightly less blood on your hands.

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