The White Castle Slider Scented Candle Is A Real Thing… Again

White Castle sliders–the food of choice for stoners and burger enthusiasts alike–have been re-released as a scented candle. The fast food chain has commissioned another batch of its extremely useful slider holder scented candles because it wants to make all houses smell like it’s been infested with its famous burgers without having to actually buy or eat them, according to The Huffington Post. [Image via PRNewsFoto]

This time, the candles are making a comeback for a good cause. A press release from the folks at White Castle announced that all of the proceeds from the candle’s sales will go to Autism Speaks, an advocacy group that aims to raise money and encourage scientific research into the causes and cures for autism.

The candles will be sold on the restaurant’s online store and at White Castle retail locations alongside other such unusual items as ground coffee, tablet stands, golf balls and Pilsner beer glasses because if you’re eating White Castle, you might as well wash it down with a fine, slow sipping cordial like a ripe 2013 Pabst Blue-Ribbon. My favorite item in the catalog, however, has to be White Castle’s By the Sackful cookbook. That’s right, White Castle is advising people how to cook actual food. Learning that fact of life alone was well worth getting out of be to discover. That’s like Charlie Sheen and Anthony Weiner teaming up to teach a college course in public relations management.

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