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Olivia Munn on New Girl


Olivia Munn guests on New Girl tonight as an adventurous party girl who really livens up Christmas. Just like she did last December, which was when tonight’s episode first aired. That’s okay. The See Her Tonight column doesn’t mind the occasional rerun. In fact, we’re thinking that this particular episode of New Girl should become a holiday tradition. We don’t care if the show gets canceled in a few years. The folks at FOX should keep giving us Olivia as an annual Christmastime treat, like with all the other holiday classics.

New Girl has given us lots of memorable gals, of course. We’re talking ladies ranging from Taylor Swift to the relatively unknown June Diane Raphael. Olivia Munn still ranks as a very special guest star, even without the Yuletide angle. She’s had a good 2013, too. That included a return to New Girl as the character that she’s playing tonight–so that was nice.

Olivia also managed another grand geeky turn as the voice of a piece of Fudge in an Annoying Orange skit. That’s cool. We shouldn’t forget that she started out as a Geek Goddess hosting G4’s Attack of the Show! G4 had a lousy year, with the guy’s network first slated to be replaced as the Esquire Network, and then barely surviving after folks changed their mind about that.

Olivia was smart to seek her fortunes elsewhere–including more shows this year in the popular HBO drama The Newsroom. She’ll also be seen with Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp in the upcoming Mortdecai. For now, let’s enjoy a great Christmas Past on this Christmas Eve. And for extra holiday cheer, check out these amazing Olivia Munn GIFs…
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