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December 26, 2013: 40 Hot Pics As Sandra Taylor Turns 47 [PHOTOS]

Sandra Taylor is turning 47 years old today, and we’re kind of shocked to hear that. We doubt that Sandra has a problem with it, though. In fact, we’re guessing that it’s just another fabulously upbeat day for the veteran pin-up gal with a blessed life. She started out with the fairly cursed name of “Sandi Korn,” but that didn’t keep the future Sandra Taylor from kicking off the 1990s as a top-selling pin-up girl.

Of course, Sandra–then Sandi–already had the momentum of being a Penthouse Pet of the Month in the March 1991 issue. That was after winning a bikini contest sponsored by the magazine. Sandra moved to Los Angeles in 1994 and quickly landed a guest role on Married With Children. The same year also had her making her big-screen debut in the box-office disaster of Exit to Eden. That was the S&M comedy that starred Rosie O’Donnell in black leather lingerie. Hard to believe that wasn’t a hit.

That disaster probably helped inspire Sandi Korn to officially become Sandra Taylor. That was just in time for her role in the Steven Seagal movie Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. She did a layout for Playboy to promote the film, but couldn’t keep it from becoming another box-office disappointment. Fortunately, Sandra followed that up with a quick (but memorable) turn in the classy hit L.A. Confidential. Nobody could blame her small role for Batman and Robin being a disaster in 1997.

Exit to Eden director Garry Marshall then offered Sandra a role in the hit Runaway Bride–and also brought in Sandy for another successful film with The Princess Diaries. She’s been working steadily ever since. Particularly in Garry Marshall movies. The guy must think she’s a lucky charm. Sandra Taylor is certainly enjoying a lucky life, as she fills her time between movies as a Los Angeles socialite. She’s a lot of fun to follow on Instagram and Twitter. We think you’ll have plenty of fun following these pics, too….


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