“47 Ronin” And Other Last Big Bombs for 2013 [VIDEO]

Keanu Reeves’ latest big budget action epic is now a big fat bomb. 47 Ronin, the samurai flick based on the true Japanese story of the 18th century samurai who band together to avenge the death of their master, failed to take off at the Christmas box office under the weight of other movies opening on the same day such as Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug–exactly as we foresaw!

Reeves’ new movie only made a lousy $7 million on its opening day. It’s done so poorly that it’s already scored the lowest opening of the year for a movie that cost over $150 million to make. That’s with an international total of just $13 million in box office ticket sales– if you also include the 3D screenings.

It could have been far worse than the analysts predicted. As of right now, it’s on a track to make more than $17 million in returns that analysts predicted it would make during the five-day Christmas movie release weekend. It also did much better than some other notable bombs. For example, the Robert DeNiro/Sylvester Stallone boxing comedy Grudge Match barely made it into the box-office Top Ten. It opened in ninth place with less than $4 million.

That disaster was only rivaled by Justin Bieber‘s Believe. SPIN reported that “no one” saw the latest Bieber movie when it opened on Christmas Day after making a measly $1.25 million on its opening day. Analysts didn’t expect the Bieber movie to make a lot of money because, well, it’s a movie about Justin Bieber. Would you expect anything less from a star who gives the world another reason to celebrate at Christmas when he announces that he’s retiring?

“Grudge Match” Takes its Vengeance Out on the Audience [MOVIE REVIEW]
“Grudge Match” Takes its Vengeance Out on the Audience [MOVIE REVIEW]