Xenia Deli Sells Us On Nelly Lingerie [PHOTOS]

Hey, we didn’t know that we wanted lingerie for Christmas! That is, until we saw Xenia Deli in lingerie for the naughty Nelly brand. Yes, we admit to occasionally straying from our Victoria’s Secret ladies to ogle other models, and it’s xceptionally easy to lure us away with Xenia. Of course, Xenia herself has done some work with Victoria’s Secret, but she’s not one of the gals who’s truly linked to the brand.

Instead, theĀ Moldovan model is just linked to mind-blowing photo shoots featuring her in all kinds of hot outfits for all kinds of brands. We really appreciate that kind of versatility–especially with Xenia getting all xcited over the Nelly line of lingerie. We’re hoping to see more of Xenia in 2014, too. The striking model (who, amazingly enough, is only 5’7″) made her acting debut on an episode of The Mindy Project this year. Xenia was mainly there just to be gorgeous, but we were pleasantly surprised at how she fit right in to a convoluted plot.

We really thought 2013 was going to be bigger for Xenia, since she was coming off a cover appearance on a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue. It’s not easy to think of a gal like Xenia being under the radar, but we’re sure making a New Year’s resolution to keep doing our best to make her a big deal. Too bad that the gal’s kind of lacking in her social media. But, really, shouldn’t it be enough for Xenia to keep baring her bod? She’ll be keeping it up in the new year–and here are those Nelly pics to keep you up right now….

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