Alice Eve at the New York premiere of "Criminal" at AMC Lincoln Square

Alice Eve In A Bikini In Barbados Is Having More Fun Than Us [PHOTOS]

Alice Eve is in a bikini in Barbados with her family, and having a better time than we usually do with our family. Of course, we’d have a better time if our family included Alice Eve in a bikini¬†in Barbados. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. The important thing is that Alice Eve is having a good time with her family–that, as you’ll see in these pics, include her younger brothers and her actress mom Sharon Maughan.

Alice has a lot to celebrate this year, too. Remember that trailer back in March when Star Trek: Into Darkness suddenly became a movie about Alice Eve standing around in her underwear? We sure remember–and here’s a reminder…

That second entry in the Star Trek reboot did okay at the box office, and it certainly helped Alice’s career. She ended the year with an acclaimed performance in the arthouse film Some Velvet Morning, and she’l be starring with Bryan Cranston in the bizarre upcoming crime thriller Cold Comes The Night. Strangely ¬†enough, we can’t think of a single dirty joke to make about that title.

Same goes for the upcoming Dirty Weekend, which once again pairs Alice with controversial Some Velvet Morning director Neil LaBute–and pairs her with Matthew Broderick in what will probably be a real change-of-pace role for the actor. For now, though, let’s concentrate on Alice on vacation. She’s looking curvier than in that Star Trek movie, but we’re not complaining. Except that we’re slaving away on a Saturday when we should be in Barbados…


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