MyAnna Buring on “Downton Abbey’ [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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MyAnna Buring on Downton Abbey


MyAnna Buring is on a pretty special episode of Downton Abbey tonight–which airs as part of the network’s Masterpiece Classic show. Tonight’s repeat episode originally aired on the UK’s ITV network last year as the popular show’s Christmas special. And it was very special to see MyAnna Buring showing up as a scheming servant who’s left Downton Abbey fans hoping for her eventual return.

Of course, Ye Olde¬†See Her Tonight¬†column has been known to neglect PBS shows. We’ve only been excited over Downton Abbey regular Michelle Dockery showing up in a Great Performances airing with Tom Hiddleston. In our defense, not many PBS guest stars have shown up in cool horror movies like The Descent or Kill List, in addition to appearing in schlockier films like Doomsday, Devil’s Playground, and Lesbian Vampire Killers. MyAnna Buring can boast of that wild filmography, though–in addition to hitting the American multiplexes in both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

The stunning Swedish gal has also shown up in Ripper Street. That’s another fine British import series about Jack the Ripper, where MyAnna stole scenes as a madame with a fondness for fine clothing. You can also see Miss Buring baring her bod in movies like City Rats, and we’ve included some other favorite screen shots below (including a few shots of MyAnna in lovely lesbian scenes). Tune in to these pics right now, but we also recommend tuning in to Downton Abbey–where you’ll see that MyAnna can be just as alluring even on PBS…

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