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Erica Page on Sleepy Hollow


Erica Page is on Sleepy Hollow tonight! And if you don’t know who Erica Page is–well, neither did we until a few weeks ago. Then our holiday travels took us through Atlanta, and we inquired about any hot new actresses in the vicinity, and we were shown the incredible attributes of Erica Page–and that’s how your humble See Her Tonight column stays on top of gorgeous gals. So to speak.

Sleepy Hollow is just one of many shows filmed in the Atlanta area, and that’s how we’ve discovered other unknown beauties like Anna Colwell and Ellie Decker. (Sleepy Hollow, of course, has also given us gals like Monique Ganderton and series regular Nikki Beharie.) Erica Page is a real find, though, since she’s a uniquely built babe with a bangin’ bod that’s made her a popular presence in Atlanta’s rap scene. She’s not just a model and video vixen, though. Erica’s also a serious actress who’s had a very busy past year–with roles in eight indie films ready to see release in 2014.

We don’t know how Anchorman 2 managed to miss out on casting Erica Page while that film was shooting in Atlanta. Most of her recent movies are likely to end up going direct-to-video, but a big presence like Erica’s is pretty much destined to eventually fill the big screen. We’ll be keeping up with her via Twitter, and definitely tuning in to tonight’s rerun of Sleepy Hollow. Check out these pics to see why Erica’s always welcome in our living room…

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