If Someone Doesn’t Buy This “Halo” Warthog, Then It Goes to the Scrap Heap

A working, life-size replica of the all-terrain vehicle from Halo could become just another distant memory if someone doesn’t step up soon and buy the damn thing. Film writer and director Peter Cooper announced on his Twitter account that he has to sell his beloved “Warthog” very soon or he’ll be forced to send it to a wrecking yard where it will be destroyed and sold off as scrap metal.

The sad part is the world only has one day left to save the thing from being squished into a tiny cube of twisted metal. Cooper has been trying to unload the vehicle for almost a year because the upkeep on it was just too much for one British writer to bear. According to Kotaku, he’s been asking for $28,000 and hasn’t been able to close the deal since he first put a “For Sale” sign on it. It’s probably the coolest prop a gamer could own but it must be ridiculously expensive to maintain and keep gassed up on a regular basis. You’d probably burn through half of the sticker price in mileage alone just driving the thing out of your garage and on to the street each morning.

So we can’t blame Cooper for resorting to such an extreme measure. It may be one of the most iconic video game vehicles of all time but military vehicles are ridiculously expensive and a fictional one must be astronomical. There must be an overindulged, trust fund baby out there with enough cash to save this thing from become the world’s largest and saddest paperweight?

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