Two Huge Alabama Fans Name Their Newborn “Krimson Tyde”

Two extremely loyal University of Alabama football fans have given their team the extreme honor of a child that bears their name. According to the Adalusia Star News’ baby registry, two parents in Andalusia, Alabama named their new born daughter “Krimson Tyde Steele” after the Alabama’s famous Crimson Tide football franchise. [Image via smile4camera/Flickr]

If you’re the kind of prude who thinks these parents stepped over some kind of line, consider this instead. Her name is “Krimson Steele.” That’s just about the coolest sounding name you can give a kid. It sounds like her parents are setting her on a path to become a super cool, night-stalking superhero who doles out justice with a mighty fist made of “crimson steel.” Besides, regular names these days have become boring and downright goofy. Most parents don’t put any real though into it. They don’t try to come up with something original or exciting. They either just open a baby book, flip the pages and point at random or they take inspiration from something else without even considering how the name actually sounds. For instance, according to, we have even more kids with goofy names like Skyler, London and Bentley. Hell, that last one’s not even a good name for a car let alone a child.

It’s clear that the parents did put a lot thought into this and came up with a name that’s original and works in ways other than its “Crimson Tide” inspiration. Besides, it’s not like they named their daughter something really crazy…like, um, “Eva Braun.”

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