December 31, 2013: It’s Been A Year Without Peta Todd [PHOTOS]

Peta Todd is a notoriously beautiful Page 3 Girl over in England–that being a very special breed of pin-up gal found in the daily tabloids. (You know, like Sabine Jemeljanova¬†and other gals.) Sadly, it seems that 2013 is closing as proof that the legendary lady is, in fact, officially retired. The initial bad news came at the end of 2011, when the fine UK publication Zoo hosted the final Peta Todd photo shoot–but who really expects any kind of showbiz figure to be serious about retirement?

Well, it seems Peta is the perfect exception to the rule of hot gals seeking out more attention. Her initial retirement was announced at the same time that we learned that Peta would soon become a magnificent MILF for a second(!) time. That was okay. Guys bravely conceded that 2012 would pretty much be a year spent without the pregnant Peta baring her bountiful bod.

Things seemed a little more grim when that year ended with Peta also announcing her engagement to baby daddy (and Olympian road racing cyclist) Mark Cavendish. The question was officially popped in November of 2012–which offered plenty of opportunities for guys to delude themselves as the couple maintained a long engagement through all of 2013. Then came the dark date of October 5th, 2013, when Peta and Mark exchanged vows and pretty much dashed our hopes of a big Peta Todd modeling comeback.

And so we say goodbye to 2013 while also picking up the remains of our shattered dreams–but we’ve also picked up a few favorite hot pics, because we can’t mourn forever, right? Life is for the living, so check out these Peta pics that’ll get you flying into a happy New Year…

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