“THE RAID 2” Trailer: Pelvis-Shatterin’, Bat-Batterin’ Action [VIDEO]

Indonesia got the new trailer for The Raid 2 before we did, but that’s okay. America didn’t really do right by the original Indonesian production. Hollywood is busy right now probably screwing up the Anglo version while Indonesia is already giving us a sequel to the tale of an honest cop who often commits kung-fu on criminals.

The original movie took place in a high-rise, as Our Hero went up staircases while kicking ass like he was in a video game. The Raid 2 looks to open up the action, as the mighty Rama (that’s the guy’s name) deals with ramifications from ramming his foot up the local crime syndicate in the first film. It looks like he’s going to prison, and then going to do all kinds of really cool crime-fighting stunts that should help make for a really cool Parkour Fails video in 2014.

Check it all out, and get ready for an American release sometime in 2014. Unless you’re going to the Sundance Festival in Utah this year. In that case, you’ll be able to see it in a couple of weeks. Ya bastard…

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