In The Year 2014…We Might Finally Have A Dog Translator [VIDEO]

A group of Scandinavian inventors want to bring the world something that was once only available seen in sci-fi: an electronic dog translator. ┬áThe Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery have invented such a device called “No More Woof” that has already raised over $16,000 for their project thanks to an Indiegogo campaign that met its goal in just a few days.
The truly amazing part is how the device translates the dog’s barks and woofs. It monitors the dog’s brainwaves and thought patterns to tell you what it’s thinking or trying to say. The device is worn on the dog like a pair of headphones over its scalp that can read the dog’s mind by monitoring its Electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns. It translates and presents those thoughts to the dog’s owner through a brain-computer interface that runs on the Raspberry PI operating system within the device.
So far, it’s only a prototype and researchers are still monitoring dog’s thought patterns to help the device pinpoint its translations but even in its current state, it’s still an amazing sounding breakthrough.
If anything, it’s a great way to kick off 2014. This means we’re finally starting to get all of those cool gadgets and inventions that were once only part of the plotlines in movies about the distant future and old Jetsons episodes. Let’s hope that this means we’ll finally get the flying cars we were promised since we were small children. And the weather domes. How come we’re still worrying about the weather?

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