New "Spider-Man 2" Trailer: Electro In Times Square for NYE [VIDEO]

We’re not really sure if we were supposed to know that Amazing Spider-Man 2 has Electro committing carnage in Times Square on New Year’s Eve–but that sure seems to be the case in this new trailer that Sony just springed on us as we see in 2014. That seems to be the biggest news in this latest look at the heavily-anticipated summer blockbuster. Otherwise, we just see the Rhino (who’s really a robot) and a very quick glimpse of the Green Goblin’s reflection in a mirror.
It’s still fun to have a Times Square/Spider-Man 2 connection. Younger folks may not remember that Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie in 2002 had a really amazing shot of the Green Goblin flying into the iconic New York City location. We’ve met a few young folks who’ve told us that one of the first things they did was get to the top of Times Square so they could look down Broadway and imagine the big-screen baddie flying into the locale.
Also, we’re happy to see Stan Lee sounding so energetic while introducing this thing. He just turned 91 years old on December 28th. He looks great–but, like Stan the Man says, we shouldn’t be chatting away when there’s fun new footage to be seen. Oh, and Happy New Year, folks…

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