Wild Turkey Squares Off with a UPS Driver [VIDEO]

Everyone knows that mailmen and package delivery drivers’ natural enemy is the neighborhood dog. Apparently, turkeys are trying to get on that list as well, according to this YouTube video.
A group of doctors and nurses at a hospital in Minnesota were enjoying their lunch when one of them noticed a UPS driver running on the snowy sidewalk outside of their building. They soon discovered that an angry, wild turkey was chasing after him. The UPS driver circled a Fedex van parked in front of his van and the angry turkey just kept going after him. The driver clearly didn’t know what to do since he just ran around with the turkey just a few steps away from pecking the hell out of his calves or something (Seriously, what’s the worst that it could have done). The whole moment is punctuated by the hospital’s staff constant cackling at this poor bastard who is forced to retreat into his giant, brown chariot before another pedestrian runs by and scares the thing off.
Who knew that turkeys could be such a mean species? It’s probably because when most of us think of turkey, we think of Thanksgiving and that giant, gold skinned, slow roasted bird sitting on our Nana’s dining room table just waiting for a family to devour it. If it were the other way around, we’d be lashing out at our next highest rung on the food chain as well and we probably wouldn’t have given up as easily. However, since a UPS driver was the target, there is a second possibly: UPS failed to deliver the turkey’s Xbox One before Christmas.

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