CBS and NBC Will Stream NFL Playoff Games For Free

For the first time in NFL history, CBS and NBC will be streaming their coverage of the NFL Playoff games for free. While NBC did this back in 2012, this will be CBS’s first time doing so.

In terms of the actual games that are being streamed, NBC will be airing both of its Wildcard matchups on Saturday on CBS will air all four of its playoff games, plus the AFC Championship here.

The move is a smart one considering that the NFL, one of the biggest cash cows for these two networks, is wrapping up their year. These two networks are looking to looking to squeeze every last dollar out of these last few weeks. And I can’t say that I blame them.

Fox Sports will also be getting in on the action when they stream the Super Bowl live on February 2nd. You’ll be able to access that feed from FoxSportsGo.

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