Detailed Breakdown Of The Crazy Sugar Bowl Female Fan Fight [VIDEO]


Highlight of the 2014 Sugarbowl right here–a (presumably) drunk female Alabama fan who went absolutely buckwild on the Oklahoma Sooner student section. There’s just so much quality content in this two minutes of video, so let’s just try to break it all down and scrutinize each of the major players here.

• Without a doubt, the star of this video is the woman. She’s crazy. And hot. And drunk. And completely willing to literally throw herself at people. That’s exactly the kind of woman I’d like to meet at a college football game. At one point, it almost seems as though she’s hitting on the kid with the crappy beard (photo above). No question is this woman repping hard for Alabama to be #3 on our list of most Diehard College Sports Fans.

• Best supporting actor goes to the kid in the white shirt all the way to the left (starting at 0:04). Dancing like white people should–poorly. And might I add that he’s so drunk that he can’t actually stand up? Watch the video and then watch him the whole time. Homie doesn’t even notice when the woman jumps ontop of him until about five seconds later. Then he just puts out his hand to absorb her flurry of wild kicks. Amazing. If you’re a prospective OU student and your looking to pledge somewhere, find Delta Chi (the logo on his frat polo). Because that’s where you’ll find the party.

• Big Red. Totally seems like the kind of guy who would be hooting and hollering at a fight. Seven out of ten times this is the same guy who is secretly upset when you don’t puke on his back during pledging lineup.

• The biggest loser tonight goes to Alabama. But close behind is the husband/boyfriend of said cougar who can’t seem to get his significant other under control. This guy has almost assuredly watched his wife/girlfriend have sex with someone else.

• This guy copped a feel. Just saying (0:45).

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