The "Veronica Mars" Movie Now Has a Trailer [VIDEO]

The Kickstarter campaign to produce a Veronica Mars movie–and that nearly broke the internet–has finally produced a trailer and a release date. The big screen spinoff of Kristen Bell’s short-lived, cult mystery series will be released in theaters on March 14th, but fans can get the fix they’ve been craving since the show went off the air in 2007 with the new trailer.
For the non-Joss-Whedon-ites out there, the series starred Bell as a student between high school and college who picked up a few extra bucks by working as a hard-nosed private detective. It had a modern noir feel that you really don’t see in modern media much (except for the occasional indie film like Brick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the Rockstar Games’ open-world thriller L.A. Noire). The show had many fans and heaps of critical praise, but UPN (remember UPN?) canceled the series after only three seasons. Ever since then, we’ve been unable to solve the case of the mentally-challenged TV executives.
Cut to 2013. The show’s principal creator Rob Thomas caught the Internet completely off-guard with his Kickstarter attempt to revive the series as a movie. It raised over $5.7 million well before its 30-day deadline. This is great news for other great shows that left the airwaves too soon, and deserve the chance to have a longer, uncut story on the big screen. Shows like, say, Pushing Daises, Carnivaleand maybe an Arrested Development movie that can help us forget that lukewarm revival on Netflix last year.

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