Enjoy National Whipped Cream Day With Whipped Cream Bikinis [VIDEOS]

We’re sure that you’re tired of hearing this by now, but happy National Whipped Cream Day!
Today is the one day of the year when we as Americans can put all our differences aside and enjoy the one thing that binds us all together: puffed up sugar. There are so many fantastic ways to use whipped cream that it’s a shame there is only one national holiday for it. You can put it on cake. You can put it on hot chocolate. You can put it on ice cream. Oh, you can also put it on hot babes and make it look like they’re wearing a bikini. Watch these videos, and let’s make this the best National Whipped Cream Day Ever!
This classic scene from Varsity Blues may contain the most famous whipped cream bikini in history. This scene is the first sign that Moxon is a man of extraordinary character. If he has the strength to turn down this girl, he has the strength to stand up to his coach.
What whipped cream compilation would be complete without Katy Perry. This video is just four minutes of Katy Perry shooting whipped cream from her breasts. It may be the best four minutes on all of the internet.
This is what girls do whenever they get together. They all love having pillow fights and throwing whipped cream all over each other. OK, maybe they really don’t. But they probably want to. It’s just that they don’t want to spend all that money on replacing pillows and sheets.
Some intrepid YouTube user has put together a fine compilation of girls in whipped cream bikinis. Hopefully, one day we can meet this user because we would like to shake his hand. And ask him to make more.
Here’s a little something for the ladies.

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