A Rope Swing From The Top Of An NFL Stadium Looks Like Fun [VIDEO]


YouTube hero DevinSupertramp is a legend when it comes to adding wild and crazy stunts to already incredible locations. His most recent video involves EverBank Field (the Jaguars home stadium), the Jacksonville ROAR!, and one of the gnarliest zip line rope swings we’ve ever seen.

The only thing that we would have liked to see change would have been the inclusion of Miss COED and Jacksonville ROAR member Marissa Danish. We know that she had to actually work when the shoot was going on, but c’mon! That’s why you have a backup schedule.

All jokes aside, you gotta hand it to everyone involved in this video. Rope swings by nature aren’t something that scare me (I’m an internet tough guy) but that jump from the light tower looks mighty hairy. I’m really impressed that some of the cheerleaders took the opportunity of a lifetime to partake in this stunt video.

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