Video Of Reporter Saying He Would "F*ck" Missing Woman Is Fake

We’re only six days into the new year and we’ve already got what would be the greatest local news blooper in 2014… if it wasn’t fake.
The internet is exploding over this new video of a local news reporter admitting that he would “totally f*ck a missing woman,” seemingly unaware that he’s live on camera. “I don’t care if she’s 20, hell, I’d f*ck her, you can’t say you wouldn’t f*ck her. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when they find her, I’ll go and f*ck her. F*ck her right in her p*ssy.” Then it cuts back to the FOX News HQ for a quality surprise reaction.
Unfortunately for everyone, this video is fake. What they’ve done is actually splice two different videos together. You can see the original news anchor reaction here (for the record, I think her dropped jaw is just as funny).

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