"Alien: Isolation" Trailer Promises First Good "Alien" Game [VIDEO]

Alien: Isolation is coming–as SEGA announces that they are working on a new game based on the Alien movies. And if the trailer is any indication, it might actually not suck. Despite the lukewarm response to Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA will return to the Alien world with a dark, first person adventure called Alien: Invasion, according to IGN.
The game attempts to bring the series back to its iconic roots that made the first Alien movie such a memorable and terrifying experience. The game puts people in the cold, dark and uncertain environment where an alien is stalking them leaving them to fight for their own survival as they make their way through a darkened spaceship. This time, players will control the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, who must survive the alien menace by fighting her way through a commercial towing ship infested by a deadly alien horde.
The new game is more about fighting your own fear rather than just the alien since it places the player in a series of dark, isolating environments where the tiniest sound or quickest moving shadow can distract you and give the alien the perfect chance to pounce.¬†Of course, we won’t know anything until we get to play the actual game but the trailer really offers a lot of promise.
It looks like the developers have finally figured out what makes the Alien films work and created a game that focuses on reproducing that claustrophobic, isolating fear that makes it the chief obstacle of the game. It looks so good that they should release a special edition that comes with a clean pair of underpants.

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