January 7, 2014: 35 Pics For Bipasha Basu's 35th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Bipasha Basu isn’t just another Bollywood movie star. She’s turning 35 years old today–that being January 7, 2013–as the Bollywood beauty with the built bod and bangin’ boobies that launched the industry into the 21st century. That’s because Bipasha Basu is the biggest name in Bollywood’s erotic thrillers. That’s a genre that wasn’t even really happening at the end of the 20th century until Bollywood found a daring femme fatale.
Bipasha had already earned some international acclaim as a model before hitting the Bollywood big screens. She had already worked out of New York City, and we like to think that was the inspiration that made Bipasha such a controversial figure in her homeland. The striking New Delhi-born beauty caused a lot of controversy with her racy modeling poses–which at least set her up for a daring role when she debuted in 2001’s Ajnabee.
The hit film was a remake of the middling 1992 American thriller Consenting Adults, and followed that film’s lead about murderous wife-swapping. The plot scared away audiences, but the critics loved Bapshu’s daring work. Then she landed a hit with Raaz in 2002, and followed that the next year with…well, a movie that was billed as Body in North America. The actual title makes it sound like a porn film, but we guess it was pretty innocent over in India.
Anyway, the movie was essentially a Body Heat remake with Bapshu in the Kathleen Turner role. Bapshu has been a star even since, and she might even hit the American multiplexes in the upcoming Aussie sci-fi saga Singularity–if the movie holds up to its hype. And speaking of holding things, hold on to yourself as we salute Bapshu’s birthday with 35 of her sexiest pics…

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