Satanist Statue in Oklahoma—-Birmingham, AL Got There First [VIDEO]

The Satanic Temple–that being a group of Satan worshipers who really have more of a political slant–wants to put up a statue of Satan outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building. That would be right next to the monument built to celebrate the Christian Ten Commandments. Things are looking good for the Forces of Darkness, too. The group is doing really well with raising the money to erect a statue of their deity.
As you can see in the above illustration from the Temple, the statue will feature Satan in a pentagram-adorned throne with children next to him. Yeah, pretty shocking–but the people of Birmingham, Alabama aren’t impressed. They’ve had a Satanic statue sitting in their city for a long time. The local artist Frank Fleming built the statute there back in the ’80s called “The Storyteller”–and, yes, it might look fanciful, but it’s also a goat-headed man reading to other creatures in a very pagan setting. You can look closely to see the pentagram in the book that’s held by the Goat Man.
Fleming knew what he was doing. He’s a pretty sly guy. The fine Roadside America site has a good luck at the sculpture, though, and they’re kind of optimistic about Fleming’s intentions. We know differently because we’ve talked to Fleming about the piece. We’re not saying that Fleming’s a Satanist. We’re just saying that he had a pretty good idea about what he was planting outside a prominent Birmingham church.
Fleming’s work has certainly inspired some paranoia. Take a look for yourself in the video below–and, you know, maybe the Satanic Temple will get an idea of who to call if the money really comes through for their big project….

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