Oklahoma Man Charged With Murder By Atomic Wedgie

A man in Oklahoma has been arrested for homicide after learning that the Atomic Wedgie can be as deadly as it sounds.  Brad Davis of McCloud, Okla. learned that the hardest possible way for both himself and his stepfather, too. Brad is facing a murder charge for giving his stepfather an atomic wedgie during a fight that police claimed contributed to the man’s death, according to The Oklahoman. [Image via rumpleteaser/Flickr]
Police reports claim that Davis’ stepfather Denver Lee St. Clair jumped him after he entered his home. The two scuffled and at one point, Davis allegedly pulled the waistband of St. Clair’s underwear far enough over his head that he could hook the waistband around St. Clair’s neck. Police found the man’s body in his home with his underwear still hanging from his neck. A death investigator ruled blunt force head trauma and asphyxiation as the official causes of St. Clair’s death. We’re sure that embarrassment was also a contributor.
So technically, the “death by wedgie” part came from the act of being choked to death by the underwear’s waistband around his neck rather than the unrelenting squeezing of the man’s, uh, downstairs storage compartment. Still, it’s got to be one of the most undignified ways to go. First, they find your bloated corpse wearing your own tighty whiteys like a nun’s habit. Then they tried to act dignified while stifling what must be the most unrelenting wave of laughter as they package your overstretched pair of briefs into evidence as a non-metaphorical “deadly weapon.”

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