Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez Are Cirque du Lingerie [PHOTOS]

Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez have run off to the circus while wearing lingerie from the Babalú Fashion line–and we’re right behind them! After all, the exotic duo is a lot more gorgeous than the carnies we get out here in the East Coast. For example, we’re pretty sure that Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez have all of their teeth, and they look way too healthy to be working the meth concession that’s usually cooking away in the American carnies.
Well, allegedly cooking away. We don’t need any carnies coming around to the COED offices and causing trouble–especially with the Babalú brand giving us some carnies who can inspire some genuine carnal thoughts. You might just be catching up with these gals, too. Catalina is a Colombian beauty who’s very popular, although her resemblance to Adriana Lima has maybe hampered her international appeal. No, seriously. And we’re also serious about following her on Twitter.
Vanessa Pelaez is on Twitter, as well, and we’re really hoping that we’ll be following her acting career. We’re pretty excited about Vanessa trying new things. And speaking of new things–these pics aren’t all  bright lights and cotton candy here. We’re also enjoying some additional looks at Catalina in a classier setting, as we situate on her solo as Catalina also indulges in some lingerie from the Besame line. We sure don’t have any favorites here, although that second set might be handy if you’re easily distracted. Personally, we’re very happy to be risking the eyestrain as we eyeball these two beauties…

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