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The Pizza Underground is a New York-based music quintet that parodies underground rock pioneers the Velvet Underground by changing the Velvets’ drug-and-sex driven song lyrics into anthems about pizza. It’s a combination art prank and dumb joke, and—because Macauley Culkin  is a member of the Pizza Underground is—it’s a whole new reason to root for Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.
Yes, that’s Macauley Culkin. Your child-aged childhood hero. The long-time banger of Mila Kunis from her teens to the end of her twenties. And, now, one-fifth of the Pizza Underground.
After two years of dressing in black and donning wraparound sunglasses for impromptu performances of “I’m Waiting for the Delivery Man” (formerly “I’m Waiting for the Delivery Man”) and “All the Pizza Parties” (formerly “All Tomorrow’s Parties”), the Pizza Underground is launching an official U.S. tour this month and they’ve also just released a music video. Have a look
Amidst Andy Warhol-style pizza slices and pepperoni discs that float around the screen, the Pizza Underground deadpans through a medley of VU spoofs, with Mac looking weirdly buff and taking a prominent kazoo solo on their “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” send-up, “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice.” Maybe you’ll wonder if his former bosom buddy Michael Jackson taught him those nimble lip and fingering techniques, or maybe that’s just us.
Velvet Underground leader Lou Reed died last year and it’s a safe bet that it wasn’t while he was busting a gut laughing at “Everybody knows she’s a femme fatale” being sung instead as “Everybody knows she’s a pizza gal.” Now here’s your chance to not laugh at it too, as well as to wonder how Kieran Culkin seemed to turn out like he’s actually kind of cool.

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