Amanda Seyfried has given us plenty of hot pics as a busty blonde who’s built for all kinds of action (as evidenced by her recent exposure playing a porn star in the biopic Lovelace). Now the Hollywood hottie proves she’s also a force to not be reckoned with in a new self-defense video that she posted online.
Looking cute and comely in a loose t-shirt and skin-tight yoga pants, Amanda Seyfried fast-and-ferociously transforms into an ass-kicking angel of vengeance while demonstrating the Soteria Method, a dynamic street combat technique created specifically for women by Avital Zeisler, who is herself a gorgeous Israeli Krav Maga instructor and Hollywood stuntwoman.
“It doesn’t matter how big you are, how strong you are, [or] what your fitness level is,” the 28-year-old Mean Girls and Mama Mia star declares in the video. “You just need to outsmart the attacker.” Prepare to then be dumbfounded by five-foot-three Amanda as she repeatedly (and convincingly) overwhelms, disarms, and defeats attackers twice her size and not nearly a fraction as adorable.
“I have this confidence that I don’t feel like I ever had,” Amanda explains over footage of herself throwing rapid-fire punches while Avital holds up boxing pads. “It’s inner confidence that I gained when doing self-defense with Avital.” We then see Amanda knock a knife from the hand of a would-be assailant and field goal kick him square in the schnuts.
“This is so much more than self-defense,” Amanda concludes. Yes. But would anyone dare call it a turn-on? Watch and make the call. And, for good measure, cover up your schnuts.

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