Emma Watson In A Bikini On The Beach; Yeah, Life Is Fair [PHOTOS]

Emma Watson is looking good in a black bikini on a sunny Caribbean beach while enjoying life with a new boyfriend who doesn’t look anything like a COED staffer. This is obviously beyond our understanding. Well, we understand that Emma Watson is looking good in a bikini. She’s still our favorite former kiddie star turned hot gal. Remember last year when she easily one-upped Miley Cyrus at the art of looking sexy while sticking out your tongue? Yeah, it was in last year’s The Bling Ring, and looked like this….

It’s still not too late for the Academy Awards to honor that performance. Anyway, Emma Watson has given us plenty to look at over the past few years. It was easy to compile her 40 Sexiest Photos–and we only stopped at 40 because it just seemed unhealthy to keep going.
And if you’re wondering who that brute is who’s pawing the innocent 23-year-old actress–well, that would be Matthew Janney, who’s supposedly a “star” in a game called “rugby” at some “university” known as “Oxford.” Something tells us that Emma’s footing the bill for this romantic getaway.
And speaking of footing, don’t miss out on the pic where you see Emma’s feet covered in sand. (Here are some other vacationing gals sporting celebrity sideboob, too, if you’re wondering where all of them have disappeared to lately.)┬áThat’s really nice, and we also want to admire the older guy in the background of some of these pics, because he seems to be looking at something besides Emma Watson. There’s some serious self-discipline.
Let’s assume the older gal in the background is his wife.┬áDon’t think we’re being jealous, either, because we know that Emma is probably already on her way back to us America to present an award at the upcoming Golden Globes. She probably won’t be wearing a bikini, which is all the more reason to enjoy her now…

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