Own A Walt Disney World Roller Coaster, Sort Of..

Walt Disney World and Disneyland may be magical places where kids can be kids and adults can be kids if they both have the money–but, even if you do, you’ll still find yourself waiting an awful lot just to experience such magic. Now someone on eBay has found a way to help you live out your theme park fantasies for a fraction of the cost of hiring Disney’s Imagineers build a ride in your home.
Thanks to eBay and an astute Disney collector, you can now buy a mini-Disney roller coaster that was actually used at Walt Disney World, according to The Orlando Sentinel. The auction site claims that the 7-foot long roller coaster toy was used at Disney World as part of the 2nd Annual Disney World Bear Convention back in the 90’s. It’s actually motorized so you don’t have to push the carts up the hill and down to their doom by hand and they are big enough so that your teddy bears can enjoy a thrilling ride and then experience the disappointment of having to exit through an overpriced gift shop.
It comes with a price tag of just over $1,600 and the owner will graciously provide you with five “handcrafted McBee Bears” of your own so you don’t have to torture your own teddy bears by making them ride endlessly as you pretend that something’s gone haywire with its mechanics. However, on the upside, there’s no lines. Did I mention that Disney has finally created a ride that has no lines?!? That alone is worth the price tag.

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