Peter Dinklage's "Knights of Badassdom" Finally Gets A Poster [VIDEO]

If you’re a fan of movies that have fallen in between the cracks of Hollywood’s vast library of films–or just a fan of Peter Dinklage–then you’ll be happy to know that a movie that fits into both categories is finally getting a release next week. The long lost Knights of Badassdom is scheduled to be released in theaters on Jan. 21st via TUGG. To then be followed by an on-demand release in February, which is also good news. Between this and Welcome to the Jungle, it’s been a good day for unreleased movies. Here’s the new Knights of Badassdom poster, complete with CGI flames…

If the film sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it’s been languishing in development hell for almost a year or so as it tried to secure a distributor. The film stars Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten and Peter Zahn as a group of friends who join a live action role playing weekend out in the woods where one of them accidentally summons a very real succubus who starts killing off other members of the group. It’s up to Dinklage and company including Community’s Danny Pudi to use their limited hand-to-hand combat skills and sorcery powers to send the evil thing back to the pits of Hell where it belongs.
Apparently, it took quite a bit of work just to bring this thing from the trailer to the screen. The first trailer was released almost a year ago but no release date was announced until last month when the film finally found a distributor. It also appears that it’s gone through quite a few different versions in the editing room. Sadly, the people at Bloody Disgusting are reporting  that the version that’s about to be released wasn’t the original version crafted by its director Joe Lynch. Too bad, since he helmed the really good Wrong Turn 2. Either way, Knights of Badassdom is finally here, and we all get to drink in its LARP-spoofing goodness.

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