Sarai Givaty: The Most Legendary Star Of "Legend of Hercules" [PHOTOS]

The Legend of Hercules is already on track to be one of the worst-reviewed movies of the year. It’s the latest low point from the once-respected director Renny Harlin, and is burdened by the bigger-budget Hercules due later this year from Dwayne Johnson. But this lesser Hercules has one big thing going for it–that being the amazing actress/songwriter/model Sarai Givaty.
It’s a good thing that this Israeli beauty has so many aspects to her career. Sarai Givaty is likely to easily survive this horrible Hercules and keep up her very busy career. Of course, the biggest problem with Saria’s work in Hercules is that she’s playing a character named Saphirra instead of Sappho. There’s a missed opportunity. Saria still stands out in the movie–even without the wonders of 3D.
She isn’t even the female lead–but that’s okay. Sarai doesn’t need to compete with any gal at the movies. (Although we will note that the other Hercules movie has gals like Irina Shayk and Barbara Palvin.) Besides, Sarai is getting another chance to bring in guys to the big screen, too. She’ll be in the upcoming Expendables 3–and we’re also hoping that she’ll someday return to our living rooms as hot Mossad officer Liat Tuvia on NCIS. And we hope to see more of her as a singer/songwriter, and we keep up with all that via Twitter.
For now, though, we have to settle for The Legend of Hercules. Oh, and we also have plenty of hot pics. Those will sure come in handy right now. Enjoy some amazing pics–including one celebrity cameo which might come as a surprise, until you remember that Sarai Givaty has the kind of personality that brings everyone together…

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