Stuff The Intern Forgot: Commuter Suit, Photobombs & More [Links]

Commuter Suit Is Every Bike Riders Dream

Isn’t wearing a suit the worst? I mean sure, they look fantastic, but they’re uncomfortable, restricting, and if you’re anything like me you just can’t stop sweating…especially if you’re trying to save the planet by riding a bike to work. However, according to our friends over at Egotastic, the commuter suit is tailored using breathable fabric and has zipped vents so you can bike, sweat, and still remain comfortable. The suit is made from stretchy material and the pants have a button cuff sown on so you can roll up your pant leg and keep it out of your bike chain. How much is this amazing suit, you ask? Only $145. BOOM.
And since our intern is just the absolute worst at what he does, I’ve gone ahead and posted these other amusing links for you to enjoy…

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